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Systema super-hop by Tackleberry

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by Tackleberry on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:00 am

Okay boys and girls, this is the big one........


If all goes to plan I will be testing (and skirmishing) a prototype of the Super Hop Unit this weekend.


After more or less giving up on the idea I had a sudden flash of inspiration and the result is genius (if I do say so my self).


If I'm happy with the outcome I will begin putting it into production with in the next few weeks.


I'll post up prices and more specs when I've worked out the production costings, but here are a few details to keep you going:


1) Finished product will have it's own bespoke custom made body (stainless steel or high grade aluminium).


2) Unit will be easily adjustable through the ejection port.


3) It will be able to use all standard AEG hop rubbers (I'll be aiming for Madbull items as standard fit).


4) Bespoke barrel. Material yet to be confirmed.


5) Don't worry if you've blown a load of money on an expensive PDI barrel. The design is such that your existing barrel can be machined and modified to fit the Super Hop.


6) It will be sold as a complete drop in unit ready to go, or with your barrel modified to fit.


7) It will be available as an extra cost option on all new PTW's supplied by me.


And finally, this will render all other hop modifications obsolete.....period...!



This is what you all wanted and been waiting for, and it's coming soon..........


Please post your interest here.




Ma gandesc sa-i trimit si eu ansamblul teava+hop-up undeva prin ianuarie, dupa ce testeaza pe cobaii din UK. Daca mai sunt amatori poate facem un colet mai mare.

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cata dragoste si pe tack:



Re: Super Hop (at last.....!)


Postby Tackleberry on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:29 pm


Cartman wrote:Bastard. More money coming your way I think



Tackleberry wrote:



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nu de asta, m-a convins ca nu e buna teava pdi de 6.01 si sa astept sa iau super hopup-u lui ca sa-mi mearga, stransesem peste 2000 de ron pentru comanda de tevi.

iar acum l-a lansat.


Sa-l FUT!

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Pai credeam ca e bune Systemele, nu le lipseste nimica. Sau ca sa citez din Spaz azi... sunt atat de bune incat saracii Systema le-au facut motorul de kkt special ca sa mai vanda ceva din cand in cand - ca o data ce ai o arma nu mai vrei nica.


(ma intreb care versiune din cele de pana acum e aia buna si finala)

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