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Are you gay? More specifically, to Mil-Sim or not to Mil-Sim?  

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  1. 1. Are you gay? More specifically, to Mil-Sim or not to Mil-Sim?

    • To Mil-Sim, sodomy is not the answer!
    • I am a sinful sodomizer and I shall burn in hell forever, I hope the devil is like this too!

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Why do people see the need to dress up in their clothes that they wear to go to a club or go to a hooker? Is it necessary? What about those ridiculous blue sneakers that are quite fashionable these days? Can't they be left at home? What's wrong with some cool colours that don't stand out or the like. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Better yet, why don't we just dress up like we're in the army? In this way, we can look just a little bit mil-sim and live up to what airsoft is meant to be about. Are we playing paintball? Are we trying for this:




or this:





Now, I acknowledge the solid influx of n00bz, but is it really necessary a year after you start playing?


edit: happy mayday everybody!

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I don't think everybody is that interested in milsim. People may like airsoft for the tactics, others may like the weapons or the beer; milsim is a more complex idea, and it involves more than many airsoft players are willing to give.


What you are pointing out is simply that airsoft is more milsimey than paintball, which is fine, but once you're wearing something green or tan, you have your eye protection, and you have something resembling a gun in your hand, you pretty much qualify for airsoft. The rest is a question of taste, involvement, and finance.


Finally, I'd rather have some hardened rag-tags wearing flecktarn pants and a Gutza t-shirt on my squad than the internet guy. I'm less for the pissing contest, more for the playing airsoft and working with people part. And if you go ahead and call me a fag, I'll quote Leabu: "nu te caci in gustul omului".

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