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now this is my idea of a really good game


p.s. -muskoka primary is a nice, big field (not sure, but i believe its about 1-2 km x 4-5km) with lots of props built in (abandoned tank, UN checkpoint, cementery...)




Insurgents are operating in a region known as Muskoka Primary, and are currently occupying the region without opposition. Insurgents are exercising open ROE and will be aggressive towards any and all external forces they encounter in the area. While ground intelligence is limited, it is confirmed that WP insurgents are operating at a squad level strength. All are heavily armed, and highly motivated.


To combat the insurgent forces, a Joint Task Force (JTF) consisting of members from organized teams and independent operators has been assembled.




JTF will infiltrate Muskoka Primary and move against Insurgent forces in an effort to dismantle their numbers. JTF will affect this by engaging in aggressive land-combat operations against insurgents by using any means available, for an extended period not exceeding 21 hours in duration.




For ease of absorption, the proposed actions have been broken into 3 phases:

1) Occupation,

2) Reconnaissance, and

3) Direct Actions.


1) Occupation


JTF must arrive at Muskoka Primary no later than 2100hrs. All JTF members will ensure prior to arrival that the following has been satisfied:

1) All personal AEG batteries have been charged,

2) Possess enough ammunition for the operation,

3) Enough food to sustain an extended land operation,

4) All personal equipment is prepared and ready for immediate deployment, and

5) Have the entrance fee of $30.00 available.


JTF will rendezvous with an awaiting attendant, who will direct personal vehicles, collect fees, distribute and collect waivers, and who will provide further direction as required.


Once all JTF operators are present, JTF will launch their insertion from a predetermined staging area. At this time, JTF will be considered live, and the operation commences.


It is strongly recommended that JTF locate and organize a hide that suits their purposes until first light.


2) Reconnaissance


Upon first light, JTF will be responsible for locating and land marking:


1) Areas of interest – to better orientate themselves with the area, and

2) Enemy presence.


Organizing this phase will be left with JTF, if they even want to pursue this phase at all.


3) Direct Actions


Should at any time JTF locate WP Insurgents, it will be up to JTFs devices as to how they will engage. JTF are allowed to deploy any method or methods available to affect the dismantling of WP Insurgents.


Administration / Logistics


The fee for this game will be $30.00 per player.


Duration is from Friday September 29th @ 2100hrs to Saturday September 30th @ 1800hrs. Bonfire to follow. Players may stay until Sunday late morning.


Directions -



Suggested Kit List

• Tent

• Collapsible chair(s)

• Sleeping Bag

• Air Mattress or equivalent

• Pillow ?

• Boots with ankle support

• GMRS/FRS Radios (charge your batteries!!!!)

• Camera

• Pants

• Underwear / Long Underwear

• Shirt(s)

• Personal toilet articles

• Gaming BDUs

• Personal Hydration (Camelbak/Platapus)

• Sweater/Jacket for evening cool weather

• Wet weather gear (just in case – this is a rain or shine game)

• Bug Repellent

• Flash Light/Lantern

• Camp stove if your food requires cooking

• 1x Lunch, 1x Dinner, 1x Breakfast

• High Energy Snacks

• Personal refreshments (alcoholic/non-alcoholic alike)

• AEGs and/or GBBs

• BBs, Bastards will be available at the field.

• Charged AEG batteries


It is strongly suggested that JTF select a team leader and an assistant team leader.


Washroom is located by the cabin. If nature calls out in the field, please be courteous by digging in and covering after you’re finished.


Littering anywhere on the property is strictly prohibited; please police your own garbage.


If packing food in a backpack, please pack items in a sealed ziplock container, and stow deep into your pack. Do not leave open food around at any time. Bring lots of water with you while in the field. 5 litres in total is recommended.


Respawning rules – JTF will respawn from their constructed hide. Should at any time the JTF hide come under fire and JTF sustain casualties, they will proceed to the cabin for purposes of an alternate respawning location. Respawning is unlimited for JTF.


Maps of the field will be available to JTF upon arrival, so first time attendees may orientate themselves accordingly.


Alternate sleeping arrangements – while it is urged that all players camp out in the field in a tactical manner, it is recognized that some may not be inclined to do so. Subsequently, non-tactical sleeping arrangements can be made around our camp site in the cabin area. If some choose to do this, it is asked that they stay within the timings of those who are camped out in the field.


Injured and/or Lost players


In the event that JTF member(s) either become lost or injured, the operation will cease immediately. JTF will make contact with the field attendant, who will notify the Insurgents, who will assist where required. Once the issue is remedied, the operation may continue. For safety purposes, JTF forces are urged to operate in a size no smaller than two players.


Combat Rules


FPS Limits are 415 max for AEGs, and 450 max for bolt action type rifles.


Operators that are running B/A weapons are asked to observe the 100ft rule while in game play.


All players must carry their total ammunition on their person for the duration of the operation; returning to a personal vehicle to reload is prohibited.


Blind fire is allowed.


There are no set limits to rate of fire; the more a player shoots, the less ammunition he has remaining. This should be considered on all engagements.


Night time firefights are permitted, semi and full automatic fire included.


Smoke, pyrotechnic devices (pending approval from field), flashlights, area weapons, night vision devices and strobes are permitted.


There is no mercy range. Demonstrate discipline at closer ranges and focus on center of mass shooting. Use discretion if the players head presents the only available target at close range.


Silent kills are in play. If you own a rubber or plastic training knife, and you find yourself in contention for a takedown, go for it. JTF have the option of making the kill, or taking the insurgent prisoner.


Gun hits will put the players primary out of the play, but players remain alive. It is encouraged to bring a secondary weapon as back up should this occur.


Most importantly, you must have proper eyewear protection. Paintball googles, bolles, and safety glasses (such as AOC) are approved. If you are unsure of your brand, it requires the 10ft-170PDI test. If it passes without cracking, you can use it on the field. Dobermans, Revisions, and other ballistic eye protection is also permitted.


Command / Signals


JTF will be responsible for assembling their own Chain of Command for purposes of this operation. Command responsibilities are for the team and team alone, and at no point will anyone assume the role of referee or overwatch.


Attendants will handle any issues, should they arise. If required, command elements will rendezvous to deal with any matter that requires immediate attention.


Command elements will be responsible for their team for the operations duration, and will ensure that the members play with respect, integrity, and honour.


Although assumed that this operation consists of mature players, any wrong-doing or cheating observed will be dealt with immediately and the operation will cease until the matter and/or player(s) have been swiftly dealt with.



JTF will be responsible for maintaining their own communications. JTF will at all times, possess a working radio to communicate with the attendant if required. Should a radio issue arise, JTF will physically move to locate the attendant in the staging area and notify him of the issue.


As explained previously, lost or injured players are to be reported to the attendant. The attendant in turn locates Insurgents on their own radio band, and notifies them of the issue. This way there is good communications without breaching operational security.


Allied Units


JTF will be operating independently and will have no allied forces in the area for support.




Boreal standard, some high features with fallen trees, high grass in open ground, with some occasional water pockets.




Max Temp. : 21.8 °C

Max Temp. date: Oct.1 2004

Min Temp. : 1 °C

Min Temp. Date: Sep.30 2004

Precip Accumulation: 0 mm


Based on historical 2004 records


Overcast with partial clouds. Below average temperatures are expected. Low 10 Celsius, with a high of 15 Celsius. Will update as date gets closer

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