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Berget 15 _ Operation Thunder Run - 2017

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Berget 15 _ Operation Thunder Run - 2017


Key points of Berget 15:


Game Area

New game area close to the town Sollefteå

The massive road network and capturable crossroads

More big names from the airsoft industry showcasing in the Safe Zone


New addons to capture points, you will now know if you are able to respawn or not

Squad level connection to game progress via online capture point system

AT4 balancing, The weapons will have longer reload time and will make a longer “fire” sound, making the At4 gunner easier to detect


New individual unit missions

Team balance will once again be one of the most important focus areas of B15

Forts and objectives will be built at key points on the map


Improved sanitation with more and cleaner toilets

Access to showers

More new Berget provided tents to all bases


The full Berget 15 webpage with this years story, teams and general information will be released on sunday the 16th of october. The tickets for Berget 15 will go on sale Sunday the 30th of october 2016 20:00 CET (GMT+01)

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