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Viper II: Venom - 29-30 August, 2015 Sofia

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Viper II: Venom 29-30 August, 2015 near the city of Sofia



Entry Fee: 20 Euros, we accept PayPal

THE ENTRY FEE INCLUDES MEDICAL INSURANCE for each player with 20 000 coverage!


Area - the area used is around an abandoned military base


Who should join: THE GAME IS FOR: Players who are bothered neither by long missions (3+ hours), nor walking, nor map reading. Neither are they bothered by extended periods without firefights, nor by the rain, darkness and the cold. It is for players who want to be part of a well establish chain of command.


Mech units: They are allowed and we encourage anybody to get them in-game


Event schedule

Friday - Aug 28, 2015

16.00-20.00 - Chrono & Registration


Photos from 2014:


Saturday - Aug 29, 2015

07.00-10.00 - Chrono & Registration

10.30-11.00 - Players move to their respective base

11.00 - Briefing

12.00 - Game start


Sunday - Aug 30, 2015

16.00 - Game end

17.00 - 18.00 - Debrief with all players

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Cu o saptamana inainte de Overload si in acelasi weekend cu Spartanwars ! Greu ...

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