Questions regarding Md.90's

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I am an airsofter from Sweden & I have a question regarding the PM Md.90 rifles.


When did they start production? I know they are called Md.90's because they were adopted in 1990, but they have been seen in a movie from 1986 (Iron Eagle) & 1988 (Iron Eagle 2), & the wikipedia page says it was "extensively used in the Romanian Revolution of 1989 along with the Md.63 and Md.65". A friend on a firearms forum also told me that the very first ones were Md.63's fitted with the same stocks as the Md.86's.


So there are some hints that they were used/exported before 1990 but I figured it was best to ask around before coming to a conclusion. I want to know because Im trying to make a late 80's loadout & I want to make it as correct as possible.





// Anton




I am also looking to buy a Pm Md.63 wooden buttstock, so if you have one to spare in relatively good shape, please send me a PM!

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