Comanda www.WGCshop.com Martie 2014

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Comanda http://www.WGCshop.com Martie 2014

Data limita inscrieri: 23 Martie 2014

Data efectuarii comenzii: 27 Martie 2014

Spor !


Produse restante din comanda trecuta:


WE Replacement Parts for M92F Gas Pistol Series ( No.15 )

# WE-PT-M9-15 - Mark

Action Delay Gear Sector Clip

# ACTION-PT-GBP23 x1 - Grasulas

Action Spring Set for KSC G17

# ACTION-ACC-SS12 - Grasulas

Maple Leaf Daimond Hopup Rubber for AEG ( 70! )

# MLTW-DHU-AEG70 - Grasulas

GHK Silicone Oil - 1000cs ( 30ml )

# GHK-SO30ML X4 - Voodoo

G&P 22Rds Short Magazine for CA870

# GP-MAG-453 X4 - redcode

G&P T1 Scope Killflash

# GP-ACC-SAC001 - Alexis

CYMA AK74U Aluminum Handguard

# CYMA-ACC-C114 x2 - Corbu'

VFC SCAR AEG Hop-Up Camber Set

# VFC-PT-SCAR12 - astalec

VFC Butt Stock Plate Pin for SCAR-L / H AEG

# VFC-PT-SCAR35 - astalec

Maple Leaf Daimond Hopup Rubber for AEG ( 70 )


MAG High Silver Content Motor Brush Set for PTW AirSoft Motor Series

# MAG-PT-P019 - Blaser

iPower Charge Pack ( 23 x 30 cm )

# IPOWER-CP-2330 - frenchlion

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