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Salutare ...

Am o intrebare legata de CPU ... se poate folosi la un Max, un CPU de la un Celsius ?

Sa va explic cum de am ajuns sa am nevoie de un CPU ( am mai scris in alt post, dar acum am completarea ) ...


Am comandat prin Menkaures un PTW MAX Challenge Kit (non MAX nu mai aveau pe stoc). Imi ajunge in 2 saptamani (de, "norocu" meu ca era in perioada pastelui), merg cu ea la Kix sa o ansambleze ... I-am schimbat conectorul cu care a venit cu un deans. Dupa ce termina de ansamblat, ii conectam bateria si ... nimic

Masuram cu 1 multimetru sa vedem : siguranta ok, tensiunea ajungea la cpu, dar .. CPU-ul ... nimic, nu se aprindea ledul cand treceam de pe safe pe semi, deci arma ...moarta

Ii suna Menkaures pe pisatii aia de la Redwolf, aia fac pe prostii ca nu inteleg si ne zice sa trimitem mail cu descrierea problemei si cu o poza cu piesa care credem noi ca e defecta. Ok, fac poza la CPU, le trimite Menkaures mail unde le descrie exact care e problema, impreuna cu poza cu CPU-ul defect. Trec 2 zile, astia nu raspund. Ii mai suna Menkaures inca odata (in Hong Kong by the way), iara fac pe prostii, ca nu inteleg ce nu merge, Menkaures le propune sa facem un filmulet in care sa le aratam cum inlocuim un CPU de pe o Systema functionala (multumiri lui Mihaisz) cu al meu si nu se aprinde ledul, deci logic CPU-ul meu e defect. Facem filmuletul, il urc pe youtube, le trimite Menkaures mail cu linkul si primeste a 2-a zi un raspuns de ne da pe spate : cica tehnicienii lor zic ca daca nu se aprinde ledul e ok, inseamna ca arma nu are nici o problema si ca in afara de faptul ca nu se aprinde ledul, ce alta problema are arma ? WTF ?????

Dupa ce le explica Menkaures telefonic si prin mail, vad si filmuletul de unde se vede CLAR ca am montat cpu-ul meu defect in alta systema si la fel se comporta, astia fac pe prostii in continuare ????????

Intr-un final, dupa inca un telefon dat de Menkaures au zis sa le trimit tot lower receiver-ul sa il testeze ei .... l-am trimis cu posta, a ajuns joi la ei (dupa 8 zile).

Dupa ce mai astept 2 saptamani sa raspunda, imi trimit un mail de ma dau pe spate : We have located your returned package yesterday, and I have passed that to our technicians to inspect. They have diagnosed the problem, they tested it using a multimeter, and unfortunately, found out that it is the SECU and the switch device unit burnt. We are sorry this cannot not be regarded as an manufacturing defect, and, therefore, could not be covered by RedWolf.

However, we are happy to inform that the problem could be fixed by installing a new SECU and a new switch device unit, we tried this, and were able to make it work.

Unfortunately, we are afraid the parts fee for the SECU (US$135.00) and the switch device unit ($62.80) would be needed. And, like we mentioned before, we cannot cover the shipping fees under this situation, however, as a token of our care, we will cover the service charge, and also the shipping fee to ship the item back to you. I would appreciate this if you could kindly understand this. And so, could you please send the $197.80 to our PayPal account at sales@redwolfairsoft.com?


Buuunn ... intrebarea mea este : ce as fi putut eu sa ii fac la CPU-ul ala sa il "ard" ?

Impreuna cu switch device unit ?

Eu stiam, din ce am citit pe unele forumuri, ca daca ii dai o tensiune prea mica (mai mica de 7,4 V) sau prea mare (peste 14 V), abia atunci ii poti praji electronica .. dar nu e cazul aici, pt ca am folosit o baterie de 9,6 V, proaspat incarcata ... Nu cred ca inlocuirea mufei cu un deans sa faca asa un damage ... Kix a mai facut operatiunea asta la inca cateva Systema si nu au nici o problema.

Eu inteleg din raspunsul lor ca ne ia de prosti (pe mine si pe Menkaures) si ca vor sa ne mai stoarca de ceva bani ...

O sa fac in curand un test, voi masura cu bateria mea conectata la switch device unit al unui prieten sa vad ce tensiuni ajung la CPU, apoi voi repeta operatiunea cu switch device unit-ul meu conectat la aceiasi baterie .. sunt convins ca voi avea aceleasi masuratori ... eventual daca stie cineva cum se masoara (sau o alta metoda prin care sa imi dau seama daca e ars sau nu) switch device unit-ul, sa nu mai fiu nevoit sa il scot pe cel al prietenului .. mi-ar fi de mare ajutor.

A urmat un mail trimis de Menkaures catre redwolf, care efectiiv, m-a uns la suflet(respect maxim pentru un OM deosebit, oricum respectul il avea de mult, acum e la MAXIM), singurul lucru "bun" din ultima perioada, care pentru mine am insemnat mult :


Dear Sir,


Thanks for finaly investigating the problem. Now, there are some inconstintencies. The switch device unit was functional. I have tested it too with a multimeter, and there WAS voltage going to the SECU. Sorry to tell you this but your affirmation is a lie. If you think I have no technical background you take me for a fool.

I am sure on what I did when I started assembling the gun. The SECU was burnt right out of the box. When I tried the functionality I used 9.6V battery as specified. Gloves were worn from the start and there was no case of electrical short circuit. And I can tell you this because I have seen burnt circuits on computer hardware. And when that happens you can see the damage afterwards. Or sparks can appear during the short circuit. No such things concerning the SECU.

My conclusion, from the start, was that the SECU is not functional and that is why I called you guys. If it was my mistake and burned the SECU myself I wouldn't have contacted you on this. That would have been real low, as it is from your end to try to get more money from me buy giving me lies. I have spent 50 usd only on talking at the phone with you and 25 usd on the shipping fee. If it was my fault I would have bought a new SECU from the start. I allready "payed" have of it.

And the thing is I allready buyed products worth 2200 usd. And a friend of mine wanted me to buy another Systema for him. Now, after your answer I don't think that can happen anymore. In a bussines relation it's about trust. And I have that relation with your competiotion, www.rsov.com. You know why? because even if they miss delivering an item they even send you one after only on trust. That is why I have over 40.000 usd in orders over the past 1 year and a half with them.

And from the start, in your case you try to cheat me. I am expecting your company to change the "defective parts" free of charge and send back the lower receiver.

If this will not happen I will try to contact paypal even though I allready opened a case against you a month ago. I will explain them the problem to see what can be done.

I am waiting for your answer so I can decide on my future actions.


Best regards,



Dupa care a urmat o pauza de 2 saptamani in care Menkaures a tot incercat sa dea de ei, prin telefon (nu mai raspundeau, probabil ca ii cunosteau numarul) si email, dar .. degeaba. Abia azi, dupa n telefoane, au raspuns, evident, banuiam raspunsul dinainte, dar imi faceam probleme ca poate ca raman si fara lower reciver :


Dear Mihai,

Thank you for your email.

First of all we are terribly sorry for your frustration, but please kindly note that, we treat every customer with full respect, and would never try to cheat customers in any way.

We understood from the very beginning that you have a rather high level of technical knowledge, so rest assured there would be no chance that you will be “taken as a fool”. However, I am afraid all the information I mentioned, was quoted from our technicians, and they have confirmed all these technical findings. As you might also notice, PTWs are highly technical stuff, and could have hidden pitfalls for many airsofters, including experienced ones. We have wholesale customers (veteran airsoft shopkeepers) who have been messing around with airsofts for over 10 to 30 years, they also know PTWs as you do, but they can also damage their PTWs, and have to get back to us for help. I understand that you are experienced in handling PTWs, and have taken extreme care in handling the parts, but I am afraid we cannot use this as the reason to opt out the possibility that the item was damaged manually. One thing is that, the item you bought was a PTW challenge kit, not a PTW completed gun; if it was a PTW completed gun of course you would be fully guaranteed for a working gun; but as it was a challenge kit we have no control over how customers install them; that is why the completed gun is that much more expensive than the challenge kit, there is a value for the extra money paid.

I am afraid we cannot waive the parts fees, but, liked I mentioned before, we would cover the shipping fee to ship it back to you. Thank you.



Ce pot sa mai zic ...

Raspunsul lui Menkaures a fost :


Ok then. That's it. You could have said from the start that this beeing a challenge kit it's not covered by your "warranty", so I wouldn't have sent it back to Hong Kong.

About the "damaged" parts I won't buy them from you.

Just send the lower receiver back.

Have a nice day.


De aia am ajuns sa caut o metoda cat mai eftina de a rezolva aceasta problema care imi scoate peri albi de 2 luni ...

Kix mi-a spus ca un airsoftist din Timisoara care are un Celsius, are 2 CPU-uri, si ca 1 e de vanzare, la pretul de 75 $.

Nu vreau sa ii "prajesc" si CPU-ul lui in incercarea de a vedea daca se potrivesc sau nu, de aceia caut un raspuns aici, poate stie cineva daca sunt compatibile CPU-urile de Systema cu cele de Celsius. Am cautat pe net, dar nu am gasit nimic legat de aspectul asta, poate ca nu stiu eu sa caut ....

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Ameninta-i cu OPC-ul. Serios. Spune-le ca vei lua toate masurile legale ca ei sa nu mai poata vanda nimic in Romania si ii vei face de cacao pe toate forumurile pe care activezi. Tu ai cumparat de la ei ceva ce trebuia sa fie functional in toate felurile specificate de producator si ai primit ceva nefunctional. Fute-i in gura, pe scurt.

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I-as ameninta cu OPC-ul daca as sti cum ... dar cred ca ii lasa rece

Legat de reclame negative .. am inceput sa compun un text pe care il voi posta pe mai multe site-uri, dar inainte astept sa ma vad cu lower reciver-ul acasa, chiar si asa defect ...

Ce ma doare cel mai tare (pe langa nesimtirea lor si faptul ca stiu ca nu am gresit cu nimic) e ca am facut foarte multe eforturi sa strang banii necesari pt asa o achizitie (am vandut compu, PSP-ul, si alte chestii care le mai aveam prin casa) si ca nu ma pot bucura de ea chiar si dupa 2 luni ... alti bani nu mai am, o sa strang incet incet ... dar deja mi-a cam pierit elanul ....

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Situatia ta e naspa. Ma refeream la OPC-ul lor. Ameninta-i ca le faci o plangere ca ti-au trimis un produs defect drept bun si nu l-au verificat inainte sa-l trimita. Spune-le frumos ca ai aprecia daca ti-ar trimite banii inapoi pentru jucarie si sa si-o pastreze acolo.

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dane din cate am citit, pe netestate, e compatibil ECU de celsius => vb cu nosfyrus.

iar mosfetul tau era OK cand a plecat, sper sa se intoarca la fel, oricum il masor inainte de a-l pune pe ECU. Iar daca e ars, se repara da-l in spanac ca stim si noi sa schimbam tranzistori.


In sfarsit, au fost jegosi. Invatatura de minte pentru altii, mai bine ii minti ca lipseste din kit si cu asta basta. Sug ciucurelu' ca asa acopera paypalu'

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Dupa ultimul mail trimis de Menkaures, in care le zicea ca sa trimita lower reciver-ul asa cum e, si sa fie siguri ca urmeaza sa postam pe toate site-urile de airsoft pe care le stim, despre modul lor de a-si trata clientii ..... primim acest raspuns :


Hello Mihai,

Thank you for your reply. Please allow me to clarify that we have trust in you, we never regarded your case as “cheating” or something, we know you are honest.

I do feel sorry about this, could you please allow me to try to make a compromise here? May I propose this: we’ll waive the $197.80 parts fee mentioned, but we’ll need the shipping fee from you (around US$65.80), would this be good? Thank you.


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Asa-s romanii... Vezi, suntem incadrati intr-un cliseu de kkt. Mita, vrajeala si hotia n-am inventat-o noi primii.

Imi pare ptr. situatia prin care treci.

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Si asa iesi bine ... platesti 60 de dolari oricum, fie ca cumperi un CPU de Celcius fie ca platesti transportul!

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Pai mi-au trimis lower reciverul dupa ce le-am platit transportul (200 lei mai exact), dar ... mi-au mai facut o "mica" surpriza, asa ca de final : au trecut valoarea coletului 300 $ ... iar cei de la TNT m-au pus sa mai platesc inca odata vama, cu toate ca pe colet scria mare RESEND ... asa ca am mai platit inca 250 lei ... Menkaures cand le-a trimis coletul a pus valoare 0 (daca mai tin bine minte) tocmai ca sa nu plateasca vama .... Daca pun cap la cap toate costurile pot spune ca am platit normal piesele, numa ca, din cauza nesimtirii lor, am asteptat 2 luni ca sa am arma functionala ...

Oricum, dupa toata povestea asta pot spune ca am 1 singur castig (daca ii pot spune asa) : o demonstratie a caracterului unui om care nu m-a lasat la greu si care s-a zbatut sa imi rezolve problema, chit ca l-am stresat f f f f mult in cele 2 luni ...

Si by the way, arma functioneaza ireprosabil

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Dane...din proprie experienta iti zic...i-a si le deschide caz la paypal chiar si acuma...explica problema mai ales faptul ca te-au pus sa platesti bani in plus si bani care nu ti-au zis de ei....eventual le zici la aia de la paypal ca ti-au trimis Celcius in loc de Systema (adica fake) In 2 saptamani ai banii inapoi si ramai si cu marfa. Cel putin asa am patit eu pe dealextreme.com....am incercat sa vorbesc cu ei si ma luau la misto, imi inchideau service-desk-urile si cererile cu niste raspunsuri de alea seci...le-am deschis caz pe paypal si in 2-3 saptamani mi-au dat banii inapoi si am ramas si cu item-urile lor....

Fii roman Dane...nu fi american..

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