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  1. FMA Jump Fast Helmet G Z tactical ZSordin Headset G FMA Z3AD Peltor for MSA Headset TB398 Element Helmet Light Set Gen 2 Contour Roam
  2. Pantac Ciras Maritime OD Pantac Compact Hydration Backpack OD Pantac PANTAC Sling for Force Recon Tactical Vest OD Z Tactical Tci PTT ( Kenwood )
  3. Apare si ASCU Gen 3+ pt V2 ASCU Gen.3+ is out Dear airsoft fellows, we used all the feed back we got form our customers regarding the ASCU Gen.3. The reported issues were related mainly to a lag in the Semi-Auto function, during fast follow up shots, which was the result of software monitoring of the system. Other report were regarding problems in installation especially in reinforced gearboxes. Also we found out that there is a large percentage of our customers that install the unit without reading the manual, as for different reasons main of which is that not all of our customers read English. As devoted airsoft playes ourselves, we felt that it is out duty to improve our product to the likes, needs and skills of our customers, to make it faster, safer, easier to install, and almost impossible to burn. The result is the ASCU Gen.3+ for gearbox version 2. What is new in Gen.3+ 1. Added polymer padding to the circuit boards, protecting them from damage during installation and use. 2. Short-circuit check software between each shot is removed and now the Sem-Auto is as fast as one can tap the trigger. 3. New Cut-off lever and selector plate designed specially for the ASCU. 4. No need to dremel or modify the reinforced gearboxes. 5. New thicker wires. For all our customers who have the ASCU Gen.3 with the trigger lag, we will prepare free upgrade kits, that will transform the ASCU Gen.3 into Gen.3+. They are going to be available through our distributors and dealers. We will keep working for you guys, doing our best to bring to the airsoft community, products that have been designed by airsoft players in the field.
  4. Salutare la toata lumea. Ma numesc Bogdan alias Ghost si sunt unul dintre membrii echipei S.A.F. Oradea si doresc sa va prezint unele linkuri care au legatura cu echipa noastra printre care si un canal de YOUTUBE unde avem o gramada de filme. Website : forum : facebook : YOUTUBE : Vreau sa cred ca totusi judetul e mai gospodar si de aceea nu prea mai avem fabrici, interprinderi care sunt lasate in paragina ca sa gasim si noi un teren mai interesant pentru airsoft. Dar pentru ca speranta moare ultima incercam totusi sa facem ceva cu ultimele locuri unde am mai putea incerca.
  5. 1st. Marui MP7A1 GBB -peq 15 -Micro T1 G&P 2nd. Marui USP AEP
  6. Mi-am comandat pana la urma G&P, a intrat pe stock la Wgc. Va multumesc!
  7. O sa ii fac desigur doar sa fie vreme buna sa o pot scoate afara
  8. TM Mp7a1 Gbb apare si USP-ul in poza ca nu am avut alta mai noua si care se vede cat de cat bine.
  9. G&P ar fi foarte ok la pret , mai stiti alte siteuri unde mai pot sa gasesc marca asta?
  10. L-am observat dar vad ca nu este pe stoc nici pe wgc nici pe ehobby
  11. De curand mi-am comandat un Mp7 GBB si as vrea pe langa un peq16 sa imi pun si un optic micro T1. pana acum am gasit astea 2 : Faptul ca sunt C.M. sa fie oare vreo problema? Stiti pe cineva care sa aiba asa ceva? Merci anticipat!
  12. Vfc SCAR L Deluxe version: In gearbox am modificat destul de multe si am montat si un ASCU gen 3. G&P 553 Eeotech replica. Maguri PTS Magpul 120 rd. PEQ-16