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  1. Multumesc I sent you a PM. For a load out i found this pics: I like to go for this setup especially first two,i like to build some lighter green-side operation load more SAPI . First i tough that it's British PLCE, but i looks like not The boots looks to me similar to Bates GX8 ( For the gun i will go for G36 as here we have some SRC G36 for nice price and i like it more than UMP. I wonder if there is possibility tu buy som original equipment, maybe used. (Sorry if there is already topic about this, but translating forum with google make big mess )
  2. Hello folks, My name is Stefan and i am team leader of 1st MAXSOC Kosice, Slovakia (Our team is mixing airsoft,militiray and reenacment of USMC MARSOC Dasr operators from 1stMSOB) I have a few questions and my girlfriend advice me to ask here. My romanian language is still low so hope my english is better. My USMC DASR operator loadout is basically complete (just tuning some details) and i wanted to build british SAS loadout for some smaller non milsim or larp events (i like DPM style camo), but i found some nice pics of your army and they impressed me. I'd like to build some of your marine or 1st special operation battalion loadout. I found in others topic where to buy BDU. For the weapons systems Marines are using Sig552 and "Eagles" G36K or UMP nad service pistol is Glock17, am i correct? But so far i didn't find more info about equipment i mean boots,plate carriers,bags,hydratation system,pouches etc and i cant recognize most of the gear from photos. If somebody of could tell me more or point me to more information about his units i will much appreciate. Also i want to ask for some events around Craiova, I will be there in end of april for some longer time and in summer. I saw some pics from ur events and to be honest i am really impressed of your battlegrounds so i hope i will have opportunity to play some games when i will be with my girl in craiova and maybe come with whole team for some bigger game with USMC dress code With that came to my mind question about your laws for airsoft? If i will be able to take my gear and gun trought border and if there will be no problems with police (we have laws so gun is in carry bag, without magazine, without batteries etc). Sorry if there is a such a topic i probably miss it. Thank u in forward.