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  1. Here is the now semi disbanded team's stuff. I just bought the Mp5 in the photo off the original owner (as seen in previous picture) These pictures are old, at least 6-12 months
  2. Those crazy Japs, those are almost as expensive as their real counterparts!
  3. It may be because I dont understand 80 percent of the shit people say here, but this Romanian airsoft forum is conducted twice as maturely as the majority of american airsoft forums. Half the people think they can act like navy seals because they have a toy gun, and your a "noob" if you speak against them (Man I hate that word). For people who only live in a recently free society you are much more considerate. You must understand, a majority of the people who play airsoft get their info from playing video games and half think they are tough because they own toy guns (I am refering to Americans). Most of them havent even shot a gun, yet they can tell you the location of every seal team in the USA. They think they are a seperate group from the sport shooters of the country but expect their help when the government trys to legislate against them but otherwise refuse to assist their lobbyists. Keep up the good work! Mabye I will come visit Jim someday and teach you how Americans play airsoft! Also Jim, I am picking up Jared's Mp5, no doubt about it, he needs money for a truck. I need to scrape some cash together, how positive are you that the m14 can be fixed, I'd like to get the money from the Nausett kid ASAP. I am wary of taking it before you can fully analyze the situation. I dont want to have to return his money.
  4. I was merely poking fun, Its actually a joke only jimmy would get. Its a quote from a movie. Please take no offense, I was just having a spot of fun.
  5. I might be able to speak english and a spot of latin only, but my language is the Universal Language. And I can guarantee no one will take you seriously if you forum is in nothing but monkey talk. I only understand what the hell is going on due to Jim's irate responses. Mabye your only interested in playing in your back yard and talking to others from your local, but most people here I get the vibe want to take airsoft to a more secular level and be on the same scale as US and UK airsofters.
  6. Anyone who gets one should just play paintball, realism obviously isnt a factor for them.
  7. Dont get it confused with your luggage!
  8. I am Jims (Kurz) friend from the US, I live right down the street from his vegan mother's residence and see Jim (Kurz) whenever he returns on vacations. We have been good friends for several years. I see that you guys have an "International Club" on your forum here when Kurz showed me the forum. I decided to stop in check it out. Anyway, although the local team is a bit disorganized from its former glory we still play occationally (Kurz and I were the main catalyst for games, everyone else is not very organized when it comes to starting games. So now we only make real effort to play when he is visiting and even then sometimes doesnt happen). The team, if you could call it that, consists of about five guys. We all have a considerable amount of gear and airsoft weapons (that rarely gets used these days). I dont play nearly as much as I should. Standard uniform loadout consists of woodland camo, boots, etc. Most of us have vests. Everyone has AEGs (some guys have a couple, to choose from depending on the scenario (I am in between at the moment, I blew all my money on real guns)). The selection of AEGs varies from mp5s (ICS (airsoft elite), and TM), a few M16/m4 variants, a couple of kalashnikov variants, an Dragunov SVD (using the guarder kit and heavy internal upgrades on an AKS, plus a scope), m14, a thompson. We also have a handfull of gaspistols (mainly USPs and 1911s), and a bunch of spingers from when we started playing a while ago. If I find any old pictures that arent embarassing or extremely lewd I will post them, and if I can find a new digital camera (mine broke some time ago) I will take some for you all. I hope I can contribute to this forum as much as any of you guys can, although I dont understand a word of Romanian aside from some curses Jim taught me.