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  1. They're YSL Sale clomping down staircases and city streets, edging toward cafe tills, and moving across gallery floors. Sevigny says Cannes will always be a place where one can be glamorous for a night, but that should apply to anyone, whether you're in a stiletto or a sneaker. I've only ever really worn a proper stiletto type of YSL Sneakers high heel three times in my life two being at my high school prom and then on the eve of my 21st birthday party, and two out of those three times, I immediately switched over to flats. Rubber sandals are both splash proof and stylish. Hypebeast approved slides from Yeezy's collaboration with Adidas are a favorite among the fashion pack, but keep your eyes peeled for drops as they sell out fast. Instead, these plain sandals encapsulate no extreme, they're neither heinous nor sexy. The shoes feel granola, and maybe that is because they literally look like they rose from the dirt with their sand colored or mud tones. It's safe to say the house shoe, work from home slide, or slipper inspired sandal has become a staple in our shoe repertoire over the past year. The shearling Birkenstock sandal is a favorite among our own editors, but, thankfully, you don't have to ditch them this season. Low key YSL Shoes tailoring staples like button ups and blazers will be the backbone of your wardrobe, while thoughtful details like contrast stitching, sculptural silhouettes, and subtle textures will take any so called basic to the next level. Staudinger explained to Vogue how the capsule celebrates the outdoors, especially now that we can truly enjoy it again. In celebration of the black tie gathering, we asked Vogue editors to share their go to formal shoes for glamorous evenings like the 2021 Met gala. Ahead, you'll discover some comfortable and above all beautifully made designs perfect for an enchanting occasion. Frost has always been one for playing with proportions. And when things begin to improve, you better believe they will make their debut on the streets of New York. And then there's more fashion leaning fitness wear with a style that's a playful nod to boxing shorts with matching zip up hoodies and shirred detailing and a beaded shoulder bag that features a tennis ball motif.