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  1. I offer software (machine code) implementation for stopwatch for Airsoft, Paintball games. Stopwatch consist of microcontroller that is doing all logic, RFID reader for user entry via RFID card, wristband or keychain and LCD display where are displayer two times for two teams that are playing against each other. Description of DOMINATOR timer: Device - DOMINATOR contains control microcontroller (Arduino Uno, Nano, or Mega 2560). The display shows the time of each team (RED and GRE team.) Each team member is equipped with a card or keypad that communicates at 13.56MHz. Keychains can be differentiated in color (blue, red ...) If a team manages to score a point, any player on that team will place his card on the reader. The team's LED (red / blue) lights up at this station and the team's time is added. If a second team occupies a point and puts a card on that team member's LED, the team's LED lights up, the second team's time is paused, and the team that occupied the point counts. If the organizer (referee) puts the card / key, both times shall be discarded until one of the teams has placed the card. The last possible card in the system is the use of so-called. eraser card that pauses and resets both times. The maximum time range of the system is: 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, also suitable for events and sports facilities. The system is tested, functional, works smoothly, the ability to measure and display time even for tenths of a second. The RC522 reader operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, RFID tags registers at about 3 centimeters (almost physical contact with the reader is necessary), compatible tag format ISO / IEC 14443 A. There is a version equivalent for DOMINATOR with a button input that replaces the RFID reader. Therefore, in this version, there are four buttons instead of four types of cards. For the RFID version, there is a PCB design for production by photo path or from GERBER files. The PCB is double-sided with overlays. Both versions are delivered free of charge to RFID DOMINATOR. PCB design is not available for the button version. Button version of DOMINATOR can be tried for free in the Shareware version. The version limitation is only in functionality, where it is possible to run DOMINATOR to measure a maximum time of 15 seconds for each team. During this time it is possible to verify the response of the system to the inputs, the behavior of the system. The shareware version is in machine code .hex, which must be uploaded via AVRDUDE software to Arduino. There are versions for I2C address converter 0x3F and 0x27. Machine testing code is available at project repository (you can find it at webpage that is listed below). Used Hardware: Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same) RFID RC522 running at 13.56MHz 2x LED LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter compatible cards, wristbands and key fobs (ISO/IEC 14443-A standard) More informations about both projects you can find at project info webpage: At webpage you can find also videos of both versions of DOMINATORS for better understanding its funcionality. Price of software: 30 € RFID version / 20€ button version Alternative contact: Contact in ENGLISH language please!!! Payment method: PayPal