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    This is soooo funny
  2. PalK

    *** TROLLING FLASH ***

    lubrifierea cu aghiazma
  3. Dear Palcut, Thank you for your gift of USD 35.00 to the Wikimedia Foundation, received on December 10, 2009. Your donation celebrates everything Wikipedia stands for: the power of information, freedom, sharing, learning and discovery. Thank you so much for helping keep Wikipedia freely available for its 330 million readers around the world. Many people love Wikipedia, but surprisingly few know it's run by a non-profit. Please help us spread the word, by forwarding this e-mail to a few of your friends. If you have questions about your donation, please send a message to To learn more about the Wikimedia Foundation, visit our blog at or our website at Or, follow us at,, or And again, thank you. I'm really, really happy to have your help. Sincerely Yours, Sue Gardner Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
  4. and this
  6. pe urma asta
  7. PalK

    This is soooo funny
  8. PalK

    This is soooo funny