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  1. Any of you boys know if it's possible to get an M240 Bravo in Romania? I've been looking about and all I can find are either Minimis or M60s, or the RPK. If any of you know a way to get one please let me know, been itching for something heavy for a long while now. Best regards, S. D.
  2. Wow guys, thanks for the replies, this helps a lot. Hopefully I'll see you on the field one day.
  3. Thanks! Good to know, but what about the view on GBB weapons in games? Do players here in Romania dislike the use of GBB's during games?
  4. Right, so I've posted two separate threads already on other sections of this lovely forum, they'll probably get shut down and I'll be told to come here, so before that happens I might as well do it. So I've asked a couple of the suppliers in Bucharest regarding the user of GBB SMGs and Rifles used in games such as Team Death Match and similar types, and from both I get the impression that using a GBB is frowned upon in Romania? Correct me if I'm wrong. On another note, I'm looking to create a DMR build, probably planning on using some sort of x3 - x6 scope, now I've done a little research and again I'm given the impression that barrel length isn't the most important aspect to creating a consistent and accurate DMR, but the barrel width, hop up and gearbox. Basically, I'd like to know which kinds of barrel diameters, lengths, hop up systems and guns would fit best to a above average/good DMR build, I have between 1500 - 3000 RON to play about with, and a figure between those two numbers would be best for me. Best regards, S.D.
  5. Right, so I bet there's already a thread somewhere on this forum with a list of good guns to use for a DMR setup but I figured I'd ask anyway. So yeah, I'm planning on doing DMR build, and after doing a little research I've developed the impression that longer barrels really don't matter, what matters is the width, the hop-up and (possibly?) the gearbox. I need some tips on building a good Airsoft DMR, so far I have 1500 - 3000 lei at my disposal, somewhere between those two figures would probably be best for me. Best regards, -S. D.
  6. So I'm not new to Airsoft, I've played in Thailand, Cambodia, Denmark, and now I'm here. I've talked to a couple suppliers regarding GBB weapons, and both of them said that using a GBB is sort of bad? Is this true? I'm just curious as to how Romanian players see GBB rifles/SMGs used in Team death match events and similar battles. Now with that out of the way, I'm still planning on getting a GBB, probably going to make a DMR or CQB styled kit, which gun/guns do you guys think are the best candidates regarding this? Please, write in English, my Romanian sucks hard and I'm tired of using Google Translate. Best regards, - S.D.