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Meerkats Airsoft Club Sibiu.

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    Hindu Kush: Op. Eagle Fury! The wait is over! The pre-registration will begin on Thursday 6 June 2019 at 20.00. Coalition: Max 220 participants Insurgent: Max 180 participants Civil: Max 120 participants A special thanks to Alpha Wolves A.S.D. that help us to make it possible! Be ready! Stay Tuned! #hindukushmilsim #24hmilsim #hkcrew #airsoftro #britkitusa Our partners Airsoft.ro www.airsoft.ro Britkitusa Europe https://www.facebook.com/BritkitUSAEuropa/
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    Profile picture Cover picture Patch picture Trophy picture BLITZKRIEG | Operation Swordfish | #BK19
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    Civil War 2019

    Meerkats Sibiu team at Civil War 2019 Civil War - un eveniment la care Meerkats Sibiu participa in fiecare an.